The Vette Net Client Testimonials

The Vette Net Client Testimonials


Hello Larry,

I am very happy with the Corvette, I also am very happy with the service you provided me. I feel you were attentive and professional.  I appreciate your quick responses to my offers and questions. If in the future the need arises, I will definitely reach out to you again as well as recommended you and The Vette Net to anyone I can.

Joe C. 1977 Corvette T-top (Illinois)

Hi Larry, I will receive my classic Corvette convertible next week. Thank you for your professionalism. If I know someone looking for a Corvette, I will be happy to mention your name. Best regards.

Massimo R. 1970 LT1 Corvette convertible (ITALY)

Larry, When my Z06 Corvette was picked up and sent to its new home, it completed a very enjoyable process for me. Your help and counsel have been appreciated. I feel my choice to use The Vette Net was the correct one for me. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Tom K. 2002 Z06 Corvette with very low miles (Michigan)

Larry, I am very grateful for your work and also for the trust you gave throughout the process. If you ever travel to Argentina you will be very welcome, just let me know.

Ezequiel V. 1977 L82 with 4-speed (Buenos Aires).

Thank you, Larry…very much. You come across as the true professional that you are.

Steve H. 1959 Fuel Injected Corvette (California). Did not buy this one.

Larry, it was a pleasure working with you and getting this deal completed.  You were absolutely awesome and very patient in answering my many questions regarding the 2009 ZR1.  On top of it all we even dealt with a hurricane that happened in the middle of our negotiations.  You are a true professional and always kept your word during the whole process.  Even while you were on vacation you took my emails and answered my questions. I thank you again very much for making my buying experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  I will definitely recommend you and The Vette Net going forward.

Juan C. 2009 ZR1 Corvette (Florida)

The Vette Net organization is top notch in my opinion. Larry provided excellent professional guidance in handling my classic Corvette. He knew all the right questions to ask and was expert in guiding me through what pictures to take for display on the internet. The car was presented very well, both in written description and photographically. I could not have asked for a more professional and competent person to represent my car.  In short, Larry is a professional who makes you feel at home and treats you like a friend !!!!! 

Denny B. 1980 Top Flight Corvette (PENNSYLVANIA)

Larry, thank you. I could not have been happier with the process and The Vette Net's role. Your facilitation was key.  I appreciated the professionalism, candor, and support I received throughout the sales cycle. Your web site is first rate, and your own sales relationship skills were top-notch. 

Thanks to TheVetteNet, this longtime Ford-guy is now also "wearing a Bowtie". 

Appreciate your services,

Tom C. 1969 Tri-Power Corvette T-top (MICHIGAN)

Thank you for your work, Larry It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and The Vette Net team.

Stephen J. 1996 Vette (CANADA)

Larry, I am the happiest bastard on the planet---lol---but please let me know of other Corvettes you have as I am a member of a Corvette club in Australia. I will let the guys know. 

Chris W. 1980 Vette (AUSTRALIA)

Larry, I just wanted to let you know the Vette arrived today and it is absolutely everything I hoped for, absolutely beautiful!!  I want to thank you again for making this process so smooth and being there along the way to coordinate and help me with all of it.  It was a pleasure having you as my corvette broker, and rest assured if I ever again buy a Corvette, you and The Vette Net is where I’ll go!

Jason B. 1976 Corvette (USA)

Larry, thank you again for all of your help making this purchase go very smoothly.  We will definitely refer friends and family who are interested in purchasing a Vette to you.  And please feel free to add us to your client reference list - it would be a pleasure to pass on our appreciation of you and the " The Vette Net" to others.  Thanks again very much

Lisa S. 1968 Vette (CALIFORNIA)

Hi Larry!  Just wanted to touch base and give you a BIG THANK YOU for being so professional, and mainly HONEST, with the 1980 Corvette I bought from you at  The car was EXCELLENT and way more than the way you described it to me! Being that I had back surgery and couldn't make the trip out to Michigan to see the car in person, I totally put my faith and trust in you and Jerry for giving me an honest description of the Corvette...and I WASN'T disappointed!!! The car is GREAT! Thank you so much for upholding my faith in human beings and will always be referring my friends who are looking for Corvettes to you! 

Samuel G. 1980 Corvette (USA)

Larry, thank you for your service. I would definitely refer your name and contact details to anyone who is interested in purchasing a Corvette in the future.

Mohammed 1973 Corvette (DUBAI)

Hi John and Ken,

The two Corvettes arrived at the garage last Friday. The mechanic already checked them both. This was really exceptional and I just want to thank SO MUCH for all your efforts!!!! It was fascinating to see that with your help everything turned out to be rather easy. Probably it's the best thing to choose "TheVetteNet" if especially foreign (non-domestic) customers want to purchase a Corvette in USA.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andreas Cologne, Germany 1962 Roadster, 1963 Roadster

Hey Ken,

Thank you Ken for all the help you have provided in making the deal, and details between seller and I worked out perfectly !!! I couldn't have asked for two better Guys to deal with-Thank You so Very Much !!!

Barry N/A

If you want a no hassle, no pressure, strait forward, and honest deal on your next Corvette purchase or lease, you have got to give THE VETTE NET a call.

Thanks Ken and Ludwig and THE VETTE NET

Ray N/A

We are very happy with our decision to go through Vette Net and highly recommend their services. We not only got our dream corvette, which was in excellent condition, but also a new friend. Thanks John for making things so easy for us.  We couldn't have done it without you and look forward to seeing you at Crusin' the Coast this summer.

Becky and Bobby, Laurel MS 1995 Coupe

I just want to relate an excellent buying experience that I had with Ken. He was very courteous and professional. My purchasing experience was very good. I highly suggest you give him a shot for finding your next Vette. Thanks Ken! Hey, does this entitle me to a discount on my next car?"

Tim 2001 Navy Convertible Minneapolis, MN

For those who may have an interest ... I wanted to publicly express my appreciation to Ken at The Vette Net for the professionalism and speed with which he secured a 2001 Coupe to the exact specifications I had requested! My Corvette was delivered last Saturday to my front door!

Bob 2001 Pewter Coupe, FL

Ken can help with both buying and selling. He was able to get me $1,000 more for my 2000 trade-in than the dealer was willing to give. He arranged the sale through my dealer so I still got the sales tax credit for the trade-in but at the new higher price. Ken did 99% of the work.

Frank 2002 Yellow Coupe NY

I've made my share of vehicle purchases, but this transaction was exceptional, and since it involved a Corvette Forum member and supporter, I thought I should tell the Forum about it.

I've just had so many poor buying experiences that I like to give credit to those people/companies that make the effort to do things right.

Kent 94 Coupe, KE

This letter is to thank Ken at "" for all of his expertise and Kindness during the purchase of our 2000 Corvette. Purchasing a car over the net was at first scary to us, but I can assure you with Ken's help it was a breeze. The whole process was very enjoyable (unlike most car dealerships) and very well organized.

So, thanks Ken!!! We will most certainly recommend your services to all of our friends and family.

Martha & Dave 2000 Yellow Coupe, VA