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For photos and videos, feel free to upload them to sharing services like,, or similar ones and share albums with us to email [email protected].  You can also send us invidual pictures as attachments (3-4 at a time) to this address, but there may be some size limitations.

Also, we have a great reputation and good success on eBay.  We will be glad to feature your Vette on a seven day auction a seen in this example.   You pay only the insertion fee  charged by eBay in the amount of $95.00.   Should you decide to go this route too, feel free to pay the amount by clicking on this link

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Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the suspension including the Front suspension, Rear suspension and if/when was the suspension reconditioned?

Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the exhaust system. Tell us when the work was completed.

Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the brakes. Tell us when the work was completed.

Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the steering. Tell us when the work was completed.

Do both doors close properly meaning no sagging on the hinges? Yes No

Does your Corvette have the factory original frame? Yes No
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Is the steel birdcage (cowl) in good condition (no rust issues)? Yes No
Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the frame and/or birdcage.

Describe condition and all modifications/repairs to the body panels.

List all the original dealer papers & ownership history that go with the car.

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Odometer appearance?
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Front carpet driver side?
Front carpet passenger side?
Stowage area carpet?
Trunk mat/carpet?
Door panel driver side?
Door panel passenger side?
Driver side glass?
Driver vent glass?
Passenger side glass?
Passenger vent glass?
Rear window?
T-top left panel?
T-top right panel?
Removable roof panel?
Convertible top fabric?
Convertible top frame?
Hard top windows?
Hard top headliner?
Steering wheel?
Front bumper chrome/plastic?
Front bumper chrome/plastic?
Weather stripping driver side?
Weather stripping passenger side?

Approximate tread life (mileage or %) remaining on all 4 tires: 
Brand name of tires?
Tire size?
Is the spare tire in the car? Yes No
Is the spare tire original? Yes No
Is the jack in the car? Yes No
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Describe your Corvetteļæ½s handling and engine performance.

Describe the maintenance schedule.
Indicate which of the following DOES NOT operate properly:

Headlights lights?
High beam headlights?
Turn signals front?
Turn signals rear?
Brake lights?
Back up lights?
License plate light?
All courtesy lights?
Windshield wipers?
Fuel gauge?
Oil pressure gauge?
Temperature gauge?
Amp gauge?
Radio/Sound system
Parking brake?
Power/manual steering?
Power/manual window driver side?
Power/manual window passenger side?
Vent window driver side?
Vent window passenger side?
Manual brakes?
Air conditioning?
Ignition switch?
Air vent driver side?
Air vent passenger side?
Transmission linkage?
Positraction axle?
Soft-top mechanism?
Other options/controls not working (list)?

What do you plan to fix on the car before you sell it?

What original parts do you still have?

Do the headlights operate up and down in a normal fashion? Yes No

What is the condition of all 4 wheels? Are they factory original wheels, aftermarket, or replacement wheels? Please list the brand and size.
What is the condition of all 4 wheel covers? Are they factory original, reproduction, or other?

Please list all the significant awards for the car.

Is the title clear? Yes No
Is it a salvage title? Yes No
Any lien on the car? Yes No

To your knowledge, has your Corvette ever been in an accident?

Describe any fluid leaks (engine, transmission, rear end, brakes, etc.).

How long have you owned your Corvette?
How much ownership history (records) do you have on your Vette?
What original factory and/or dealer documentation do you have?
How many miles have you driven your Vette since purchase?

Why are you selling your Corvette?
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