List your Corvette with THE VETTE NET and we will find a buyer.

List your Corvette with us and it will be presented to prospective buyers worldwide!

Thank you for the opportunity to assist with the sale of your special Corvette!

The Data Form you see below will help us make a thorough and accurate presentation of your Corvette to prospective buyers worldwide. 

The Data Form is structured to include classic Corvettes (from 1953 to 1996). However it is important you answer all questions pertaining to your Corvette regardless of its model year. Serious buyers want to know all about your Corvette.

Please take your time and list all the pertinent data to the best of your knowledge.  The Vette Net will contact you shortly to answer all your questions about our services and discuss your listing.

The photos and videos we will request of your Corvette are very important. The Vette Net is highly experienced at reaching buyers worldwide.

These buyers want to have a thorough look at your Corvette. The Vette Net will guide you on the quantity of photos needed; what to photgraph, and how to stage your Corvette to make an excellent impression.

To send The Vette Net your photos and videos, please upload them using online sharing services like:,,,,  or similar services. If you are going to use one of the online sharing services, please send them to this email address.  

You can also email The Vette Net individual pictures as attachments (3-4 at a time) to that same email address Info@TheVetteNet.comThere will be some size limitations depending on your internet email account. Typically videos are too large to email. Contact The Vette Net for more details.

Also, The Vette Net has a great reputation and good success on eBay.  We will be glad to feature your Vette on a seven-day auction a seen in this example.  You pay only the insertion fee charged by eBay. Should you decide to go this route, let us know. The eBay current rate is $95 and you can pay that amount by clicking on this link

We look forward to working together with you and present your Corvette to a worldwide market of prospective buyers.

Respectfully yours, Ken and Larry!